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Stop the Pain

Millions of people suffer from debilitating pain and inflammation each and every day. Most treatments focus on relieving or managing the pain instead of locating the cause and eliminating it. In his new #1 Bestselling book, Stop the Pain: The Six to Fix, Dr. Hannen helps the reader understand what pain is, where it comes from, and most importantly, how to get rid of it. Get ready to look younger, feel better, and think clearer, while eliminating the causes of pain that create dysfunction in your body.

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Stop the Pain

Learn how to stop the production of oxidation and inflammation in your body and improve energy levels, promote better brain function, enhance movement and mobility, eliminate stiffness and soreness, and eliminate chronic debilitating pain.

Feel Better

Learn how to restart the fat burning cycle in your body allowing you to finally lose that unwanted fat and reverse excessive weight gain. Jump start the metabolism that allows you to feel better, think clearer, and eliminate the toxic buildup in the system.

Change Your Life

If you’re tired of being “stuck” inside of your body, feeling trapped by pain, joint discomfort, and muscle pain, this information may dramatically change your life.

Patient Testimonials

Hear from Dr. Hannen's Clients

Colleen Hanika

Dr Hannen has been a lifesaver for my husband and I as well as members of our family.  He keeps our bodies aligned,  he helped us get healthy, and he helps us stay healthy.   I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s) and was even more miserable after taking the medication doctors prescribed.  Dr. Hannen determined what would help me - naturally - and turned my life around.   I highly recommend Dr. Hannen to anyone who wants to be healthy.

Amy McNan

When I was eight weeks pregnant, I became very ill with a mysterious ailment none of my doctors nor the specialists they sent me to could figure out. As the pregnancy progressed my condition worsened - I was dying. At 24 weeks pregnant, I had my first appointment with Dr. Hannen.  He was like a real life medical detective as he worked to figure out what was wrong.  He literally saved my life and that of my unborn baby.  She was born full term and healthy!

Joshua Jagessar

In 2007 I was diagnosed of stage five Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was a Real Estate Broker in New York City doing fairly well and thought life was great until everything started falling apart. After the first few chemotherapy treatments my body broke out in itchy and painful blisters everywhere. My Oncologist then reported that I was allergic to a drug in the chemo combo named Bleomycin. Now what? The cancer spread from my upper chest to my lower abdomen all within thirty days. I thought my life was over. Then I made a deal with God, if He heals me of cancer I'll sing His praise and preach the Good News until I die. I knew that I had to also play my part in the process so I began searching for videos on how to fight cancer. I came across a video with Doctor Scott Hannen recommending anti-cancer foods that we should eat. I took his advice seriously. I always hated tomatoes until I watched his video. Someone later gifted me Doctor Hannen's book "Healing By Design" and I then began to take some practical steps to battling cancer. While praying and seeking God, I began to eat right and exercise. Three months later after a PET CT was complete, my Oncologist called me into his office and asked, "what have you been doing?" I responded praying, eating right and exercising. I'll never forget the three words that to this day still rings in my ears, "It's All Gone!". Yes, I'm healed. It's been over twelve years since I've defeated cancer. God is faithful to His word. I've learned that God desires to heal but there's a part we must play. We are responsible to do all of the possible then God will do the impossible. Do what you can and God will do what you can't. Doctor Scott Hannen is a voice that God is using to turn the tide of our health and well being. It is because of him that my perspective of combatting sickness and disease has changed. I'm forever grateful. Don't accept mediocrity, embrace the wisdom God has inspired Doctor Hannen to teach and let's live strong and let's live long!