Dr. Hannen Survey

You’re now at one of the most important parts of DrHannen.com…our Online Survey!

You can click into a better way to health and happiness that encompasses your body, mind and spirit. The Hannen Health System is a comprehensive health system that will tell you specific areas that you may need to improve to gain a healthier you! Just follow the easy steps below:


  1. Please check all of the boxes that apply in every section.
  2. Then press the submit button.


After we have evaluated your answers, we will present specific recommendations for you so you can start a healthier life! You may print the suggestions out for future reference. These answers are not stored and no one will ever see your survey except you and your Hannen Health advisor.

So be truthful about yourself for your health’s sake.

The more we know the more accurate your specific analysis will be. And we guarantee that we will never sell or give your name or email address to anyone. This survey is designed for those age 12 and older.

Note: We will never sell or give your information to anyone!