Holiday Help: Gut Recovery Protocol

Holiday indulgence can wreak havoc on your gut because the colon is like a big dumpster where the unusable items accumulate and are stored until it is convenient to expel its content. But when the diet has plenty of fiber, the debris gets swept away. Check out my ‘Gut Recovery Protocol’ to get things back on track and STOP THE PAIN.

If you don’t already have these supplements, find all of them by clicking the link below.

a) COLO-CLEANSE – contains nutrients and compounds research has shown improve the digestive system. Insoluble fiber that works as a bulking agent to pull water into bowel to make stool a soft consistency to avoid straining which can help prevent hemorrhoids, diverticula, and/or aneurysms. Flax seed that coats and lubricates the bowel which helps transit time to prevent waste products from being held against colon wall. Alfalfa that assists cleansing the colon and helps to remove the toxins that can provoke allergies and sensitivities. Caprylic acid to help prevent overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria. Grapefruit seed extract that has antimicrobial activity. Fructooligosaccharides to promote growth of the good bacteria. Spanish black radish to assist in cleansing upper G.I. tract and to help increase secretion and also stimulates digestive enzymes to assist in absorbing of nutrients. Aloe Vera to help to soothe and promote healing throughout the complete digestive tract. Mg-B12 that helps to rid toxins (metals, chemicals, etc.) from the body. (One pack a.m. – one pack p.m.)

b) BIOCLEANSE – contains natural compounds that research shows can rid intestinal parasites, unwanted yeast, and bad bugs. It also repopulates the gut with the good intestinal flora, which are referred to as probiotics, assisting in restoring the microbiome back to a normal state of balance. (One pack a.m. – one pack p.m.)

c) L-GLUTAMINE – is the amino acid the body uses to repair the endothelial linings in the gut and in the body. Current research suggests that higher doses of 25-30 grams daily for three to six months are usually required in order to restore the linings back to normal.

d) MINSORB – contains highly absorbable minerals that research has shown to be beneficial for normal growth, repair, and function in the body. Minerals are utilized by the body for anything from healing and repair to detoxification, bowel function, energy production, and mobility/flexibility/agility. (Two to four capsules daily with a meal.)

e) BM SUPPORT – provides ground psyllium husk capsules that are an insoluble fiber that works as a bulking agent to pull water into bowel to make stool a soft consistency. (Eight to ten capsules upon awakening or at bedtime with 12 or more ounces of water.)

f) PROBIOTICS – contain several strains of normal gut flora that research shows are necessary for normal gut function. They assist the body in restoring, balancing, and maintaining the gut microbiome. (Take one capsule daily with a meal.)