Prayer Alignment

In the Bible, the apostle Paul makes an insightful statement instructing to “Pray without ceasing!” Imagine how our health might improve if we all followed that advice every day. Most every religion known to man involves some form of meditation and prayer. Prayer is a way to spiritually align us. We consist of a three-part being of spirit, soul, and body. The body can be healed, the soul can be delivered, but the spirit needs to be aligned. If you align it with God, it will be like God. If you align it with other things it will become like other things.

Prayer is basically a direct connection and access to a higher spiritual power. If you pray to a higher power then that power becomes available to you. Praying is simply becoming one with whatever power you are praying to.

For example, millions of Christians have aligned themselves with Jesus Christ and as a result their spirits are renewed, allowing healing and restoration to take place in their lives.

If you believe prayer doesn’t work, then it probably won’t work for you.

Please be watchful what you connect yourself to. When people have been in situations where they have suffered with pain and agony for years, they become desperate. When people become desperate they do desperate things. I personally know of many cases where people turned to other things instead of prayer. Those stories did not have a happy ending. Alcohol is not the answer. Drugs are not the answer. Opioid pain relievers are not the answer. Praying and having faith in the prayer you are praying because of the one you’re praying to is the answer.