A plant sterol complex that stimulates rapid muscle growth, especially in body builders. Proven to be as effective as chemical steroids yet is 100% safe and has no known side effects.

Beta builder is one of the most revolutionary new products on the market, mainly because of how it works and the extraordinary results it produces.

It is comprised of a group of phytosterols called beta-sitosterols (natural chemical components in certain plants that work as metabolic activators), the primary one being beta-ecdysterone.

These phytosterols have demonstrated a wide variety of benefits concluded from scientific studies that include:
1) lowering cholesterol
2) reducing triglycerides
3) improving prostate function (B.P.H.)
4) enhancing sexual activity,
5) preventing colon cancer
6) improvements in liver function and regeneration of liver cells,
7) the ability to significantly increase protein synthesis in the liver and kidney without any manifestation of toxicity.

Even though these are all impressive attributes, the most impressive results are seen in the dramatic effects on improving athletic performance in both strength and endurance.

Beta-sitosterols have been used by athletes for years to help improve muscle growth and endurance.

In the mid-1980s Russians dominated the Olympic arena while using beta phytosterols hiding the technology from the rest of the world.

Now , because of technological advances , beta-sitosterols are available in a revolutionary new product called Beta-builder.

In one particular Russian study a group of people ranging from 14 to 20 years old compared the results of beta-ecdysterone to Dianabol (a popular synthetic steroid) for increasing muscle mass, physical endurance, and stamina.

The study concluded that beta-ecdysterone was as effective as Dianabol for increasing muscle mass, and was actually more effective in improving physical endurance and stamina.

This is important to note for young athletes because synthetic steroid’s (such as Dianabol) have been proven to cause extensive liver and kidney damage. Beta-sitosterols have shown no reports of toxicity in clinical trials and have actually been shown to improve both liver and kidney function.

Some clinical practitioners have even used beta-sitosterols to treat individuals that have been damaged from the use of synthetic steroids.

Most people that take Beta-builder notice a significant increase in their energy levels and stamina almost immediately. It accomplishes this by assisting your body’s energy cycles to function more efficiently.

Even if you’re not an athlete you can enjoy the extraordinary benefits that Beta-builder provides.

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