Release Forgiveness

I personally know of one physician who has been treating cancer patients for over 30 years. One day in a conversation with him, he told me that of all the patients he had treated successfully, each had at least one issue to which they had applied forgiveness. He went on to say that he had never seen a more destructive force on the human body than the root of bitterness.

I have personally witnessed this phenomenon in my own practice, having completed thousands of patient visits. Many of my patients suffering with different pain syndrome‘s and a variety of diseases seem to be struggling with deeper issues of mind and heart. I would watch them week after week coming into my clinic wrestling with struggles from the past that wore them down and threatened them to cripple their future.

I believe that most people suffering from oppression have issues of unforgiveness they need to resolve.

If you are suffering from affliction, it is important that you determine the cause of your inner pain and look for those who may need your forgiveness. Forgiving others the things they have done to you will set you free from your inner conflict. It will set you free from your past. Forgiveness will open the door of your heart to the healing power of God.