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Contains ingredients that research shows may assist in the repair and regeneration of collagen tissues. Joint linings, tissues that support the human frame, and the cells in skin, hair, and nails, all have collagen fibers that need repaired to stay youthful and healthy. It also has an excellent array of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks in nature that rebuild and repair out systems. Maintaining adequate levels are necessary for optimal healing and repair for the body. Sometimes when muscles and joints become sore, stiff, and inflamed is because the tissues are damaging faster then they are repairing. This can occur from exercise, traumas, or even overdoing it while working in the yard. Individuals who have been suffering from chronic pain and/or sickness can also be plagued with this problem. Providing amino acids in the diet helps to optimize the potential to repair so the tissues can heal and recover from the damage. (Mix 30 – 40 grams in eight to ten ounces of water)